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Our aim is to support all independent artists, no matter of music genre they play, country of their origin or any other "criteria". We support rock artists the same as reggae, electronica or pop ones. The only requirement is that the music must

be really good.  

We know, that no artist became a star in one night, so we support some beginning artists without any previous reviewing from time to time, and thus give them fair opportunity to become a part of our MuseBoat Radio family.


Our interactive family grows so fast also because we respect every artist, so don´t be humble or aware of sending us your music. We will get back to you.

 All independent artist can send us songs and after our quick internal review we decide to place their music to our 24/7 rotation and also to our LISTEN & CHAT shows we produce every two weeks. We listen to dozens and more songs daily to support the best artists, because they really deserve that. Promotion is the blood of any art and we offer FREE promotion to their music without any other conditions.

 Artists do not pay for airplay nor we ask them for any money to place their music to any of our music projects. And we do a lot of them.

LISTEN & CHAT shows, MuseBoat Digest CD, MuseBoat Music Reviews, MuseBoat NEWS, Broadcast your blog..., just to name a few. Throughout our existence, many artists we play here were signed with music production companies and we are happy that our free promotional airplay might help them to do another step in their music career. We think it is the best that can happen to any band or songwriter - to be signed with label to gain more promotion and earn money. We have simple rule in MuseBoat Interactive. Every artist is A star for us. We respect and admire their hard work and want to get fantastic music heard to thousands of our daily listeners.



We constantly look for visitors to listen to music we play. That´s why we improved our website with new feature  MuseBoat Radio AIRBLOG, where we will introduce great bloggers and read their articles for free.  To attract attention to music we play, we not only air special music shows but we constantly look for other interactive content as well so everyone can enjoy our Museboatbuzz containing the most hilarious content we found on the Internet, MuseBoat ARTISTS section where everyone can find details about artists we play, MBMC Top 25 music chart or interacting with your fans and friends in our own LISTEN & CHAT system.

it is a reason to tune in, isn´t it ?



MuseBoat Interactive


Got Music or Video?

Music can be submitted by sending an mp3, mpg, avi, mp4, aac file format along with your music image in mp3, mpg, avi, mp4, aac file format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Videos can be submitted by copying and pasting your video URL in the "Add Remote Media" link area by clicking the "Submit" button below.  If your music or video is accepted, we will notify you by email and submit your music or video to our listings.

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